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Terratest Saudi Co.

Terratest is an International Construction Group, leader in Special Foundations, Soil Improvement, Micro tunneling and the Environmental Sector. Founded in 1959, we are one of the few companies in the world covering the entire range of Geotechnical Works, so we are pleased to offer comprehensive solutions to geotechnical problems of any kind and magnitude.
The aim of our company is to provide suitable solutions to our clients, with seriousness and efficiency, adapting our knowledge and resources to the specifications of each project, and presenting more advantageous alternative solutions.

Our scope of Activities:

  •  Precast Piles
  • Bored Piles
  • CFA
  • Micropiles
  • Diaphragm Walls-Trench Cutter
  • Soil Nailing
  • Ground Anchors
  • Wick Drains
  •  Metallic Bracing
  • Stone Columns
  • Jet Grouting
  •  Compensation Grouting
  • Compaction Grouting
  •  Sheet piles
  • Micro tunneling
  • Consolidation Tunnel
  • Horizontal directional drilling
  •  Environmental Works
  • Ground Freezing
  • Engineering

We are deeply specialized in our activities:

  • Pile Driving, both displacement piles (reinforced pre-tensioned prefabs) and replacement piles (piles driven in situ).
  • Diaphragm Walls, reinforced concrete or plastic walls, the function of which is both structural and for waterproofing.
  •  Our Small Diameter business are Special Foundations that combine traditional micropile, anchor bracing and grouting techniques with more modern systems such as Jet and Super Jet Grouting or Compaction, Balance and Consolidation Grouting.
  • In Soil Treatment the most widely-used techniques are known as “vibro”, which include Stone Columns.
  • In the Auscultation sector, Terratest provides its services at all levels, supply to interpretation of the data generated with such equipment.
  •  Environmental activities, which aim to solve a wide range of problems such as bio-remedies, soil decontamination, water table control.
To obtain and maintain a leadership position requires the following factors:
  •  A prestigious trademark
  • An expanded experience
  • Wide local presence
  • Technological capacity
  • Continuous improvement
  •  Financial capacity to cope with any type of projects
To deliver our specialized services to the highest level of technical accuracy and excellency in execution.
To Manage Quality, Safety, and Prevention of Labour Risks and Environmental protection are basic and necessary conditions in all the activities of the group. 
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