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Sasat Logistics Trading and contracting Co.

Sasat Logistics Trading and Contracting Company is the Logistics arm of Al Bayan Holding Group.
Sasat Logistics Trading and Contracting Co. has developed an integrated model of Distribution, Transportation and Warehousing infrastructures which combines logistical efficiency, full control and traceability towards high quality services, reliability and professionalism in the supply chain of food and pharmaceutical products.
Sasat Logistics Trading and Contracting Co. has agreements with world leaders related to it’s field of activity, and 



  1. Land transportation:

With continued expertise in supplying special designs for equipment and services to suit the customer requirements and satisfaction, the company fleet is designed of move all types and size of loads.

The company extends the services of transportation within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, GCC, and Jordan on the base of the following concepts:

  • Transport & distribution contract
  • Transport dedicated contract
  • Transport hire contracts


  1.   Warehousing:

As a leading company in temperature controlled transportation the services are extended to the warehousing business including all types and means for Temperature controlled, dry and container terminal services.


Sasat Logistics is heading to be a major player and a regional leader in the field of COLD CHAIN logistics by offering a full integrated range of specialized services and building a reputation on a platform of dedication to advanced technologies and quality control systems
Sasat Logistics provides the highest standards of quality, safe logistics and premium services to all clients, all the times

Sasat Logistics combines logistics and distribution together with value added services and business intelligence in each stage of the supply chain in order to survey and guarantee the best quality services in accordance with the product specifications, to the highest standards in the industry

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