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Dar Al Bayan Trading Co.

Dar Al Bayan Trading Company was founded in 1980, as a subsidiary of Al Bayan Holding Group.
Dar Al Bayan Trading Co. has focused its activity in miscellaneous supplies throughout the entire country, and nowadays we are a foremost supplier of a wide array of products and services. We have grown to become a prominent company recognized for our international procurement as well as representing a wide range of world-class suppliers and manufacturers.
Over the years we have expanded our business scope practices into different fields of specialization:  Dar Al Bayan Trading Co. has become the forerunners in the supply of military commodities and gears, aircraft replacement parts, security products, law-enforcement necessities, safety goods, healthcare merchandise, specialty-equipped vehicles, as well as electrical and industrial supplies.
Dar Al Bayan Trading Co. reaches a wide consumer base such as governmental agencies and ministry departments, defense division, hospitals, as well as other major companies and institutions. We are prepared to handle the needs of every consumer base. We have the capabilities to undertake any project large or small with excellent outcomes: we base our excellence on our ability to provide success to our consumers.
Dar Al Bayan Trading Co. is certified ISO 9001 along with specialization in public relations, on-time delivery, procurements, professional analysis, and customer support.

Dar Al Bayan Trading Company provides wholesale reliable products. We assist our customers in searching and locating the products to fit to their requirements.

Our main fields of activity are:

  •  Industrial Defense commodities
  • Safety and Security Furniture
  • Specialty equipped vehicles
  • Others
Dar Al Bayan Trading Company focuses both on governmental and non-governmental entities, such as power utility companies as well as petrochemical and military sectors.
Dar Al Bayan is devoted to customer satisfaction, and so we recognize the value of our consumers: We make tremendous strides in analyzing their needs. We focus our business practices and strategies around our consumers by providing them with the upmost services as well as reliable products.
We pride ourselves in customer service. Our customers are guaranteed to have products that suit their expectations as well as prompt delivery of each product. As a company, we also dedicate ourselves to our employees by having a sustainable and enjoyable working environment. We are known to attract, support, and retain prominent employees by allowing them to partake in the success of our company.

Dar Al Bayan Trading Company to become a reliable, foremost supplier of every market within Saudi Arabia as well as cultivate and compete in regional and international markets.


To deliver a best supply service to our customers, and grow with finest products and services deployment. We want to a reference company to our suppliers, employees and more importantly: our consumers.

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